ROCk PAPER Scissors

ROCK: no matter what you throw at me.

PAPER: no matter how you try to crumble me.

SCISSORS: or cut me down



Our Mission

Through education, intervention, and social advocacy the Rock Paper Scissors Foundation exists to foster healing and give a voice to those who have been silenced from all forms of abuse.

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Our Programs

Rock Paper Scissors aims to empower others to use their voice and achieve wholeness through our various programs.

Our goal is to create safe spaces where people can overcome their trauma and no longer allow for their past to hold them back. We also seek to educate and inspire men, women and children of all ages to be confident in whom they are and spread messages of hope.

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Get Involved

Rock Paper Scissors loves all the volunteers and community supporters who help us serve and meet the goals of our mission.


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Volunteer opportunities

Rock Paper Scissors can always use more volunteers.

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