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Rock Paper Scissors.


RPS is a movement of like-minded, compassionate individuals who were all led to become one impactful, undeniable, voice for those who’ve been silenced by all forms of abuse, low self-esteem, neglect, and human trafficking. Here we can actively bridge gaps by bringing awareness, activating our communities, igniting advocacy and reaching beyond lies and stereotypes to bring truth and justice to those who lack freedom. Here is where our past meets purpose, hurt meets healing, silence meets speaker, injustice meets ideals, and fear meets freedom!

We are one voice made up of many overcomers! Our compassion drives us to deliver a message of hope while providing tools and resources to strengthen others. Our mission moves us to challenge each other and our community to take an active stand against the silent battles so many of us fight every day. Our story is our gift. Our gift is our voice, and we will boldly use it to fight for freedom for all!

United as silence killers,

Rock Paper Scissors Foundation

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Kristal Klear is an Entrepreneur, Certified Trauma Coach, and Published Author. She is the CEO and Founder of Rock Paper Scissors Foundation (RPS), an organization specializing in supporting those who have been physically, mentally, sexually, and emotionally abused and human trafficked. 

Her unstoppable passion is to restore people from brokenness to wholeness by challenging them with one of her favorite slogans, "We  can't do anything about the past, but we sure can do something about the future." 

Kristal Klear is trained thoroughly in human trafficking, trauma care, sexual abuse, and child abuse.


She has shed light on this dark practice of exploitation within communities through education and awareness. She has written a curriculum entitled "Healing Beyond Sexual Misconduct" focusing on properly handling sexual misconduct from a leadership position in any environment. 

As a national speaker, Kristal Klear has appeared on numerous television and radio programs. She has a successful podcast where she speaks transparently about her personal experience with abuse and encourages others to be resilient on their healing journey. She approaches life with vision, sophistication, and confidence, inspiring everyone she meets. 


  • Human Trafficking Sex Safety Guide launched nationally

  • Spreading awareness on social media. 


  • Break the Silence Mental Health Check-ins Virtually

  • Break the Silence Conference

  • Kristal Klear Podcast

  • Provides financial assistance to abuse victims in need

  • Provides group trauma prevention


  • LILY program 


  • A Quick Guide To Human Trafficking

  • Safety

  • Healing Beyond Sexual Misconduct

  • Healing Beyond Trauma

  • A Life Guide Of Victorious Overcoming

  • Abuse



Through education, intervention, and social advocacy the Rock Paper Scissors Foundation exists to foster healing and give a voice to those who have been silenced from all forms of abuse and Human Trafficking.

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