Kristal Clark

Kristal Clark, our Founder and Executive Director, is a vibrant entrepreneur who actively pursues positive change in the community prompted by her passion for people. This Portland native approaches life with vision, sophistication, and confidence that inspires everyone she meets. As a licensed Real Estate agent and Esthetician, Kristal exercises proficient communication and provides excellence in serving people. Although she finds fulfillment in acts of service, she is most enriched by encouraging people from all walks of life. More than likely, you’ll find her at one of the largest Celebrate Recovery (CR) programs in Tacoma meeting, greeting and giving hope to everyone who walks through the door. This has become a venue for her values: promoting self-esteem and reigniting self-worth in those who have experienced a loss of dignity and purpose.

When it comes to a cause with the magnitude of one of the largest epidemics striking society, both locally and globally, Kristal has taken a solid stance of confronting the plague that is sexual abuse and human trafficking head on! Not only has she shed light on this dark practice of exploitation in our neighborhoods through fundraising, education, and entrepreneurial enterprises, she also has joined a team of leaders engaging in awareness campaigns to wake up our cities to hope and help for those being exploited through human trafficking. Kristal truly believes that fearful men and women have been silenced for much too long and Rock Paper Scissors (RPS), Kristal's founded non-profit organization, specializes in supporting those who have been physically, mentally, and emotionally abused by providing a safe place to share, heal, and spread awareness. Her walk is far greater than her talk as she challenges people with this theme: "We can't do anything about the past, but we sure can do something about the future."

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Carla Yarborough

Carla Yarborough, our President, joined the Rock Paper Scissors Foundation movement since its inception.  She believes in RPS’ cause and has been an active instrument to the lives that have been changed.  Carla has unleashed the pain of yester-years and turned it into an unstoppable passion with purpose.  She comes to the foundation with over 20 years of experience in the human services field.  She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology with a minor in Social Science, and a Masters of Arts degree in Human Services with an emphasis in Community Development.  She is also a member of the National Association of Social Workers and a Certified Workforce Development Professional. Carla is a member of the City of Virginia Beach’s Re-entry Council. She also serves seasonally as a homeless counselor.  Through the course of her career, she has served a variety of populations such as the homeless, pre and post incarcerated individuals, impoverished single parents, troubled teens, and domestic violence and sexually abused survivors.

Carla’s passion for injustice within the community supersedes her professional résumé.  Her strong desire to give back can be seen in the work that she does as a therapeutic foster parent. Carla believes that the health of the community is dependent on the health of its children.  She has often said “you will never heal a community if you do not heal its children first.”  She has parented foster children who have been raped, sexually abused, beaten, bullied, and neglected.    Her home has been a safe haven to the distress, disadvantage, and destitute and subsequently has provided a place of holistic healing.  Carla has also volunteered her time to teach literacy skills to children in domestic violence shelters, taught employment readiness skills to pre-release inmates, and facilitated work groups for homeless women.  Carla understands that hurting people hurt people but she also knows that healed people can heal people. It is from this framework that she has emerged into a community healer.


Board Members

Vice President

Denise Barkley-Boyd, Rock Paper Scissors Foundation’s Vice President, is an Administrative Professional with a history of working in the secondary and higher education industry for 20 years. She is skilled in Personnel Administration, Program & Policy Administration, Contract Administration, and Event Planning & Management. The best part of her career is investing in other people’s lives, by helping them grow both personally and professionally. Denise’s warm smile, her love for others, and her ability to always see the best makes her a natural at encouraging and uplifting those around her.

Her advocacy work finds her passionately in the community to not only bring awareness, but with a message of hope from a voice of an overcomer. She is a wife, a mom to 3 adult sons, a daughter, a daughter-in-law, and a grandma to a beautiful granddaughter.



Jessica Hatley, Rock Paper Scissors Foundation’s Treasurer, comes to the organization with years of experience as an Office Manager as well as an Administrator. She has direct knowledge in working with non-profit organizations as well as within the public sector. Jessica’s impeccable work ethic, organizational skills, and take-charge leadership has helped to build a strong foundation for RPS. She operates out of integrity and compassion and is willed to empower others. Jessica has worked in the art of coordinating events that cultivate change. She is a powerful leader that is led by divine interest and healing. She believes in being unapologetic and genuine in her pursuit of sharpening others’ strengths and inspiring their own life revivals. Her intention is to utilize her skills and her Bachelor’s degree in Business Accounting to oversee the financial stability of RPS with integrity and honor that surpasses flesh driven desires and to support the mission and vision of the organization in helping to create overcomers!