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Rock Paper Scissors Foundation

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In the month of October, RPS kicked off the RPS Bandaid Challenge for Domestic Violence Awareness Month. By wearing a bandaid in a visible location, it was a way to start a conversation and to create awareness about domestic violence.  Men, Women and Children across the nation took social media (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter) by storm, by posting a picture or video and challenging others to do the same. The response and impact was phenomenal!

·         October 9 – Abundant Life CWC, RPS Bandaid Challenge Presentation.

·         October 15 - Chris Plummer along with Trayon White, Ward 8 Council member and community activist in Washington DC, brought over 75 Men together who all accepted the Bandaid Challenge and pledged to take a stand against domestic violence.

·         October 22 – The Avid Reader at Tower, RPS Bandaid Challenge Presentation, at Next Bold Move Book Signing Event.

The bandaid challenge encouraged many survivors to break their silence and they courageously shared their stories both publicly and anonymously. By taking a stand and uniting together, this message of hope, gave a voice to the voiceless and we were able to provide referrals to help over 100 domestic violence victims who contacted RPS.