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Rock Paper Scissors: Trust Issues Part 2


As I dug deeper and pondered on the word trust, I realized at an early age that trust was one thing that was given but should have been earned. My parents sent me to school trusting that my teachers would provide a good education and to also help me conquer childhood milestones. They had no idea that my blind trust would lead me down a dark path.

I remember the day so clearly. I looked into my teacher’s eyes with frustration because I couldn’t figure out a math problem…once again. I ran to my educated hero in hopes that he would help me solve the impossible instead his hand landed on my backside. I stood there frozen.  I was too shocked to reject him. I think my silence gave him the green light to keep going so he stroked my backside again. What was wrong with me? Why was this happening…again? I immediately found myself going back to that 4 year old little girl who seemed to not be worthy enough of respect. 

I was hurt, angry, and confused. This time, however, I refused to suffer again in silence. I spoke out loud. At the age of 11, I was confronted with a fear that I have never known before. I had to face my giant. I had to face my teacher in court since I had told that he had sexually violated me. I was afraid, anxious, and apprehensive. I wanted “it” all to go away. I wanted the flashbacks to stop too. However, my wants were simply desires. Somehow, my 11 year old self knew that if I didn’t go through with the court proceedings, my teacher would continue to hurt other children. I couldn’t let that happen so I had to face my biggest source of pain. Although my parents were supportive, my classmates were not. I was bullied and ultimately transferred to another school for my protection because my abuser was the students’ favorite teacher. 

After a long grueling court process, my teacher was convicted. To my surprise, other students started coming forward to speak out against him as well. I vowed that day to never be silent again. 

I vowed that day to stand up and speak out for myself as well as others. I learned a valuable lesson more than any classroom experience could have ever taught me. I learned to never suffer in silence and that if I speak up and speak out I will free myself and others too. Today, I am living in my purpose and am the Founder of Rock Paper Scissors Foundation.

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